BBG’s new parental leave policy hits the ground running in Bangkok

In a previous post we shared our new parental leave policy, which is now six months for the primary caregiver. This also applied to those already taking leave after adding a new addition to their family. We caught up with two employees who are doing just that, Sine and Yining, both in Thailand, to see how they’re doing.

Sine said, “It was so exciting to hear about the new policy – getting to spend that extra time with my new baby is worth more than anything. It was a huge gift to me as well as my family, and we’ll all benefit from it.” You see a few photos of Sine’s family below, with their new member Chopin.

There have been countless studies that link fully-supported parental leave with better emotional and physical health, decreased re-hospitalisation rates for mother and baby, and improved stress management. This is over and above the benefits that a company receives for taking care of new parents.

Yining said, “It was a wonderful surprise to learn of BBG’s new parental leave policy that entitles primary caregiver employees to 6 months of paid leave. To be able to spend valuable time with my infant is priceless as they will never be this small again and this is time in their life I’ll never get back. I am grateful to BBG for recognising and supporting the needs of new parents.”