Diverse Expertise Across the Globe


Our story started 40 years ago. Today we remain an independent firm, owned by our senior people.


We are strategic communication advisors, independent thinkers and problem solvers working across multiple time zones, countries, cultures and languages. With our diversity comes a depth of expertise, objectivity and focus that ensures impactful outcomes for our clients.


We are united in our shared purpose and passion for helping organisations succeed through building social capital.

Leadership team

Brenda Baldwin

Brenda Baldwin believes greater transparency and an open relationship with all stakeholders enables leaders to deliver better outcomes for business, governments and society. She founded BBG to prove this point.

She specialises in large-scale, issues-rich communications covering public privatisations, mergers and acquisitions, crisis management and brand and reputation management. As one of Asia-Pacific's most experienced public relations professionals, she has managed significant communications challenges in New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia, working for both government and private sector clients.

Brenda, as BBG’s Chair, works alongside a team of professionals who share her principles of stakeholder engagement and open, honest communications to push boundaries every day.

Dan Wrigley

Dan Wrigley brings a passion for critical thinking and creativity to his public affairs and corporate communications roles, providing clients with a valuable combination of strategic and creative skills which he has deployed to help manage some of New Zealand's most significant local and international communication challenges

He works alongside boards of directors and CEOs to develop strategies that build strong stakeholder relationships and social capital, to help ensure these leaders achieve their business objectives.

Dan’s practical experience includes large-scale international crisis management, community engagement, election strategy, and corporate reputation management for the private and public sectors.

Carl Stephens

Carl Stephens focuses on helping companies build and protect their reputation in the eyes of the people that matter to them the most.

He combines strategic thinking with creative problem solving to deliver external and internal programmes that enable companies to meaningfully engage their stakeholders and deliver their strategy with confidence. This approach is bolstered by his deep experience in global and regional crisis and issues management as well as training leadership teams in media management and messaging.

Carl has previously worked across New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Africa. His sector experience includes transport, energy, finance, insurance, food and beverage, agribusiness, tech, education and aviation.

Greg Lowe

Greg Lowe focuses on the audience to help clients create frank, relevant and meaningful communications that engage and resonate with people.

He helps clients develop strategic communications that focus on business goals and tell stories that matter to stakeholders. He has supported leadership teams in sectors ranging from telecommunications, financial services and multinational conglomerates to sustainability not-for-profits and private aviation on strategy. investor relations, crisis and issues management, M&As and media training.

Greg previously worked as a news and features journalist, business correspondent, magazine editor, book publishing consultant, author and scriptwriter. He has served on the board of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand and the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce ICT committee.

Daisy K Primayanti

Daisy K Primayanti thrives on navigating complex corporate communications challenges to build stakeholder understanding and support across a range of industry sectors, including healthcare, mining, resources and banking.

She sees establishing thought leadership and building genuine stakeholder engagement and community support as essential foundations for helping national and multinational organisations strengthen their corporate brand and reputation.

Daisy has previously provided communications counsel for companies that were critical to the success of the Indonesian economy as well as led strategic integration communications following major M&A activity.

Kylie Taylor

Kylie Taylor helps clients to build and maintain positive and supportive relationships with their key stakeholders through times of critical change, uncertainty and disruption as well as during times of growth, expansion and opportunity.

She excels at identifying emerging reputational issues for businesses and sectors, helping clients to understand stakeholder expectations and finding ways that organisations can connect with their stakeholders to achieve better outcomes for all.

Kylie has 30 years' experience working with boards, chief executives and senior leadership teams in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia – in particular in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

Our Team

Aanchal Agarwal

Aanchal Agarwal deploys impactful storytelling to clients build their brand and reputations with stakeholders.

She believes execution is critical to success and helps clients focus on delivering desired outcomes from their communications strategies for brand building, media relations, digital engagement, crisis communications and stakeholder engagement. She is a seasoned communications strategist with experience across healthcare, social innovation, technology, agriculture, and travel.

Aanchal has developed a deep understanding of business operations across emerging markets having worked in India and Singapore.

Anusorn Deeraksa

Anusorn Deeraksa believes in the power of storytelling to help companies build their relevance with audiences.

He specialises in understanding and communicating complex ideas in Thai and English.

Anusorn worked for one of Thailand's leading publishers as a journalist, editor, writer and translator for more than a decade, as well as the marketing communications manager for a high-end shopping complex.

Chanunya  Satapanawattana

Chanunya Satapanawattana crafts effective communication strategies for clients in both English and Thai, ensuring that they can be effectively implemented across all stakeholders.

She counsels clients on how to help clients develop the relationships they need to build their reputations and achieve business success with and increasing focus on sustainability and ESG communications.

Chanunya draws on her previous professional experience in corporate and marketing communications, brand management, and marketing and sales, to help current clients build engaging narratives.

Imelda Tobing

Imelda Tobing draws on her deep understanding of political and business dynamics to help clients build common ground with diverse stakeholder groups.

She focuses on helping clients identify key risks, issues and opportunities with key stakeholders, such as policymakers and opinion leaders, so that they can strengthen their understanding and engagement with people who matter to deliver long-term, positive impacts for their businesses.

Imelda works with a range of organisations – from national and multinational companies to government agencies and social enterprises – to find practical, workable solutions that make a difference to business, governments and society.

Josephine Lapod

Josephine Lapod believes companies must have a clear understanding of their identity and the social context within which they operate in order to deliver robust and meaningful stakeholder engagement.

She has finetuned her ability the deliver relevant and resonant people-first stakeholder communications through her deep experience working with global and local corporations, organisations, consulting firms and several United Nations agencies.

Josephine is a third culture multilinguist who has worked on managing crises, M&A, litigation, social marketing, market-entry, employer-branding and rebranding communications across a wide range of industries.

Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart enjoys working in complex and nuanced spaces, and his career bears that out. He has the rare distinction of having worked for the Prime Ministers of two nations – as press secretary to former New Zealand Prime Minister, Sir John Key, and as director of media and public affairs for the then Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Sir Julius Chan.

He has consulted across a range of senior strategic communications, PR and media roles in government and non-government organisations, including three stints with New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and work with New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission, and Te Arawhiti – the Office for Māori Crown Relations.

Mark’s political, media and issues acumen have been deployed across many sectors, including international relations, revenue, health, and minerals and energy, both in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Mark is a former foreign correspondent for The Australian newspaper.

Nattha Chiamchirungkorn

Nattha Chiamchirungkorn supports clients with strategic communications that tailor stories to engage target audiences across a variety of channels, from internal communication platforms to media.

She specialises in helping clients communicate new technology platforms to customers and advises clients across banking, education, tourism, healthcare and law. She is also experienced at organising events and training and acting as an interpreter.

Nattha has worked in human resources and employee engagement with previous experience in the Thai banking and global FMCG sectors.

Nonglak Pungprawat

Nonglak Pungprawat helps clients understand and deliver effective communication to earn the trust of their stakeholders.

She focuses on helping clients develop effective internal communications that resonate with people on a human level and help improve the employee experience. She also supports clients in simplifying their messaging, so it better connects with stakeholders.

Nonglak has deep experience in the banking and financial services sector and has provided counsel to companies working in tourism, FMCG and sustainability. She is fluent in Thai and English.

Piyachat Nambundid

Piyachat believes that keeping stakeholders informed is the foundation for building social capital. She does this by connecting clients with media and key opinion leaders and spearheads activities across the firm ranging from media relations strategy, planning, and pitching, to day-to-day execution to help support clients on media related affairs, with a focus on helping clients understand Thailand’s media and influencer landscape.

She also supports event management for clients across all sectors and industries, including but not limited to finance, corporate communications, energy, sustainability and industrial companies.

Piyachat is an expert in media and influencer relations with more than seven years of experience. She has worked with a diverse range of industries such as technology, streaming, finance, trade, automotive, insurance, energy and sustainability. She is a specialist in technology and gadget media and has strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills.

Sarah Redfern

Sarah Redfern ensures group financial operations run smoothly, in accordance with legislative requirements, company policies and strategies, and best practice.

She provides financial support to senior management across the group, helping them with strategic planning, budgeting, monthly reporting, and account resourcing levels.

Sarah has a broad range of commercial experience, having spent the earlier part of her career working for some of New Zealand’s most iconic brands before basing herself in the UK for many years where she gained valuable international experience.

Suphang Rujanawech

Suphang Rujanawech combines deep analytical thinking with finely honed writing and translation skills to help clients communicate their stories to different stakeholders in relevant ways.

She focuses on investor relations and financial communications counsel that helps clients find new opportunities for engaging and building trust with the investment community.

Suphang previously worked as an IT consultant. She is fluent in Thai and English and has translated books on Buddhism into Thai.

Adri Christiawan

Adri Christiawan helps clients articulate their story, engage with the right target audiences and build stakeholder support.

He counsels clients on strategic communications planning, day-to-day execution, media relations and social media content strategy with the main objective to keep client’s audience informed and engaged.

Adri worked as a news and radio journalist for more than a decade before moving into strategic communications and public relations. His experience spans various industry sectors including ICT, automation technology, NGOs and banking.

Assed Lussak

Assed Lussak specialises in developing strategic stakeholder engagement plans to help clients understand their social context and how this is shaped by the expectations and perceptions of their stakeholders.

He advises companies on public affairs, M&A and strategic partnerships and helps clients manage their reputation with all stakeholders — including governments, regulators, investors and media.

Assed is fluent in English and Bahasa and has a PhD in innovation management.

Gareth Marshall

Gareth Marshall focuses on developing compelling stories that help clients grow their business and enhance their reputation among their stakeholders and audiences.

He guides clients through complex topics by creating clear and relatable stories that ensure individual issues are connected to strategic goals. During his career he has led teams of writers and creators, managed crisis issues, and led media training for executives.

Gareth has experience in publishing and media, public relations and marketing and communications roles, and has led award-winning consumer product campaigns as well as managing communications for international businesses in a diverse range of industries including finance, technology, property, and automotive.

Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith focuses on developing strategies that help clients deliver positive outcomes by effectively communicating change, funding, rebranding, thought leadership and crises.

She draws on her skills as a storyteller, connector and former journalist to help clients develop communications that have a direct and proactive impact on their businesses and organisations as well as their stakeholders.

Jacqueline previously worked with tourism boards on their PR campaigns, representing New Zealand in Southeast Asia, and shaping the perception of destinations including Quebec, Chicago and Emilia Romagna (Italy) in North America.

Lin Hui Hui

Lin Hui Hui has spearheaded public relations campaigns across Asia for a range of companies – from leading MNCs, to regional businesses and hungry start-ups.

She understands that no matter how big the company or how wide its market, audiences are increasingly looking to businesses for leadership, and a vision that’s innovative, intuitive and empathetic.

As a former journalist and copywriter, Hui Hui brings together authenticity, data and the human factor to create compelling narratives that inform, inspire and turn ideas into action.

Melissa Woon

Melissa Woon enables companies, organisations, brands and their leaders to build reputation and goodwill.

She counsels clients across Asia-Pacific on how to develop and execute corporate and financial communications programmes as well as on reputation and crisis management and supporting stakeholder and public engagement strategies.

Melissa has handled complex cases involving litigation, malpractice, management fallout and negative publicity arising from complaints, as well as related international media management strategies.

Nicky James

Nicky James makes things happen across BBG by drawing on her extensive experience in executive office management, executive support, stakeholder management, strategic planning, organisational development, governance and business process improvement.

She helps the group work like a well-oiled machine by overseeing administrative functions, HR and IT, developing new policies and procedures, ensuring systems are in place and efficiencies maximised.

Nicky also provides executive assistant support to our Chair, Australian-based Group Managing Director, and New Zealand Managing Director.

Olivia Neill

Olivia strives to build meaningful engagement between stakeholders and clients.

She is passionate about building social capital through communications strategies, understanding the value it adds to a client's business, environment and social context. She has developed a diverse network of influential and innovative thinkers through her work across various sectors including education, recruitment, immigration, alcohol, and sports and recreation.

Olivia holds Bachelor of Management Degree and has been nationally recognised for her crisis communication strategy analysis.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith works with organisations to transform complex corporate messages into engaging story-led content that connects with an audience.

She draws on her extensive experience in communications and digital marketing to help clients develop compelling stories that are tailored to the specific needs of their target audiences and the digital channels they engage with.

Rebecca’s career spans London and Sydney where she has worked across a range of sectors including non-profit, education, tourism and retail for organisations including IKEA and Visit London. She also helped build the marketing and communications for Mable, a fast-growing Australian health-tech start-up.

Shreya Varadarajan

Shreya Varadarajan enjoys crafting meaningful narratives that bring organisations and audiences closer to each other.

With a background in media production and content writing, she understands that storytelling isn’t a sales pitch – it’s a powerful narrative that finds common ground, creates and reinforces trust and establishes commitments for future action.

A strong advocate of sustainability, Shreya helps companies better communicate their contribution to a greener world and build constituencies of people who share their values and vision.

Victoria Luong-Render

Victoria Luong-Render is passionate about making a positive impact through effective communication.

With a strong background in content writing and stakeholder communications for the public sector and non-profit organisations, she understands the importance of stakeholders’ perspective, and the need for compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.

As a strong advocate for authentic inclusivity in the media and business landscape, Victoria strives to the help organisations build and better communicate their values and vision.

Alma Azahari

Alma Azahari helps clients understand their stakeholder expectations and build their goodwill.

Her robust analytical skills are supported by her extensive research and audit experience.

Alma also leverages the administrative, office management, and accounting background to provide executive assistant support to our Indonesia managing director.

Bronwen Evans

Bronwen Evans works with clients to articulate their strategy and vision and loves distilling complex subjects into simple but compelling communications that reach the right people.

She specialises in financial and ESG communications and works closely with client teams to help them identify communications opportunities and deliver strategies to establish a positive reputation with stakeholders. She has broad experience supporting clients in the banking, telecommunications and government sectors.

Bronwen previously worked as a journalist and was the economics correspondent for Radio New Zealand, as well as a respected national commentator on financial, business and economic news.

Greg Jorgensen

Greg Jorgensen makes complex ideas easy to understand by keeping the message simple, interesting and memorable.

He draws on his training in film and audio production, and a deep love of technology and the internet, to tell stories that have strategic impact, communicate new ideas and create captivating narratives.

Greg is a seasoned podcast producer and host who founded the Bangkok Podcast, a weekly show about life in Bangkok, which has been running since 2010.

Jiao Tan

Jiao Tan shapes authentic brand narratives for companies that focus on engaging diverse stakeholders.

She specialises in reputation management for Chinese companies going abroad and multinational companies seeking growth opportunities in China. She has extensive experience advising multinational companies on their public affairs strategies in China.

Jiao has previous experience as a corporate and financial communications specialist working across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, automotive, energy, financial services and luxury.

Lindsay Clement-Meehan

Lindsay has a passion for helping organisations deliver authentic communications to build trust across the stakeholder landscape and demonstrate their purpose in action. With a focus on building capability to articulate and amplify their purpose, mitigate communications risk and celebrate their success, she has a keen interest the start-up sector and emerging sustainability technology.

She has a wide range of experience in listed and private companies, across financial services, consumer technology, media, telecommunications and sport. With this comes a broad network across the Australian business landscape, and a deep understanding of the regulatory and corporate governance environment.

Mohammad Farhan

Mohammad Farhan helps companies build and simplify communication strategies that focus on understanding and supporting the needs of various audiences.

He develops internal and external communications that help clients deliver messages to the right audience in a way that fosters the relationships they need to build their reputation and achieve business success. He supports clients ranging from start-ups, associations and governing bodies across to telecommunications, fintechs and agriculture.

Farhan has previously worked in HR, marketing communications, brand management and sales.

Nikki Peen

Nikki thrives on creating meaningful and deep-rooted connections between organisations and their audiences by crafting narratives that resonate, connecting their goals to the needs of the people they serve.

With past experience in a multinational advertising agency, she has also honed her skills in crafting strategic digital and social media campaigns for well-known brands, from bustling F&B scenes to sleek automotive launches.

Nikki holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the Singapore Management University.

Piet de Jong

Piet de Jong applies a distinctive social capital lens to advising clients on issues and opportunities in business leadership, strategy, reputation and stakeholder relations.

He loves helping business leaders and organisations find their authentic voice and build stocks of social goodwill to succeed in their chosen sector.

Piet moved into consulting with a background in sociology and has been a strategic advisor for more than 25 years through some of best and worst days for New Zealand and Southeast Asian business – spanning forestry, farming, developing properties, shipping, logistics, aviation, infrastructure, banking, dairy and iwi enterprise.

Sangeeta Nedumaran

Sangeeta enjoys bringing a touch of creativity into crafting impactful stories that resonate with our clients' stakeholders.

Throughout her career, she has navigated the diverse landscape of the Asia Pacific markets, providing services to clients in corporate and finance, consumer and hospitality, as well as healthcare and agriculture sectors. Her passion lies in the convergence of corporate strategy and stakeholder engagement, giving her the ideal opportunity to undertake meaningful work that shapes the future of our world.

Being somewhat of a generalist, Sangeeta revels in immersing herself in various sectors, eagerly getting her hands dirty to learn and expand her knowledge on effectively communicating the stories that truly matter.

Stefan Herrick

Stefan Herrick helps companies build and maintain strong reputations, navigate difficult issues, and stay fully in tune with stakeholder expectations.

He has worked at the highest levels in politics and business, advising sector leaders on strategy, managing crisis, business transformation and how to best position themselves in the eyes of regulators, investors, media and the public.

As a former award-winning journalist, Stefan helps clients create narratives that capture attention, deliver insights and truly set them apart.

Yap Hsin Chen

Yap Hsin Chen brings a strong background in fast-moving consumer goods to corporate strategic communications at BBG.

With skills honed in Singapore and around the region, she has worked with some of the biggest names in arts and food and beverage on multi-million-dollar campaigns.

Fluent in English and Mandarin, she has a well-developed understanding of how to reach and engage audiences, and develop integrated communications strategies that clearly articulate actions, values and identity for clients.