Social Capital Matters

Social capital is the stock of goodwill that supports or impedes business strategy. It helps your business earn public trust, protect reputation, and preserve its license to operate. It is not an image.

We build, nurture and grow your social capital in a changing world

The unavoidable truth – the world keeps changing

In today’s complex and connected world, the demands of corporate responsibility are mounting each day. Boards and Management are recognising they need to build social capital into their DNA, bringing about a shift to include stakeholder as a lens for all decision-making. Good governance and leadership means proactively managing risk by being more inclusive of all stakeholders and their expectations.

The opportunity for business

Business can thrive from well-placed and timely communications that promote clarity, inform audiences, align expectations and expound shared commitments. On the other hand, business can falter faster than ever in the misinterpreted word in a tweet, from a personal indiscretion, or crumble by failing to stay close to their often-well-informed and vocal stakeholders.

Building social capital and unlocking value

Building social capital comes from a considered understanding of the environment in which you operate, establishing trust and integrity with all stakeholders, so you can implement your strategy with absolute confidence. It’s all about operating within the social context of your environment, to the expectations of the market and with clarity for all stakeholders. This is what we do. Build, Nurture and Grow Social Capital.