A Really Scary Story

Looking for a blood-chilling scary story that will fuel your anxiety levels while awaiting the next series of Stranger Things and an update on Eleven’s health status?

Try curling up for an afternoon on the sofa with Jane Mayer’s Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right.  Equip yourself with a calming glass of whatever helps fend of those 2am, jolted awake nightmares.  If you care about the role of the fourth estate in a democracy and the ethical use of communications, you’ll need it.

Mayer – a New Yorker staff writer – spent five years researching the activities and impact on the American political conversation of a group of conservative billionaires.  Leaders of the pack are Charles and David Koch, aided and abetted by a cast of characters drawn from an extremely wealthy elite who very much want to stay that way.

She documents their secret channelling of millions of dollars into a privatised political machine that pursues an ultra-conservative agenda by influencing academic institutions, judges, think tanks, the media, and elected representatives. 

It’s an epic story.  It’s a refreshing affirmation of the power of excellent investigative journalism.  And it’s a damn good read.

Anxiety elevation guaranteed.